Tartu Department

The Tartu Department handles chemical analysis of soil and plant material and of rain water, and hydrobiology studies. It also provides a wide selection of chemistry-related services.

Some of the environmental services offered

  • Measurement of instantaneous and daily flow rates.
  • Point, time-proportional and volume flow proportional water sampling.
  • Sewage sludge sampling and analysis.
  • Testing of quality of surface water, ground and drinking water and air.
  • Measurement of pollutants in waste water and soil.
  • Chemical analyses of rain water.
  • Study of accident-related pollution.
  • Chemical analysis of soil and plant material.
  • Hydrobiological studies.
  • Consulting.

The lab also introduces new test methods, and participates in national and international interlaboratory tests. Tests are run on state-of-the-art equipment. Analytical test methods of the lab have been accredited by Estonian Accreditation Centre.