Virumaa Department

The labs of Virumaa Department carry out water, air, atmospheric emission and soil analyses and sampling, and measure various characteristics of workplace environment.

The purpose of the analyses is to check pollution level in relation to threshold limit values specified in Estonian legislation and international requirements. Tests are run on state-of-the-art equipment, using accredited methods.

We take water samples, analyze waste, surface, ground and drinking water, quantify soil pollution (petroleum and oil products, phenols and other chemical characteristics) and study air.

Some of the environmental services offered

  • Determination of pollutants in waste water to assess the efficiency of waste water treatment plants and estimate the pollution level of environment caused by emissions (physical, chemical and biological characteristics determined: pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and chlorine compounds, petroleum products, phenols etc, chlorophyll).
  • Quality assessment of groundwater, drinking water and surface water (monitoring of rivers in North-East Estonia).
  • Ambient air quality inspection in cities, townships and near companies.
  • Air sampling for testing of pollutant content (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, phenol, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, styrene, dust etc)
  • Flue gas and industrial atmospheric emission testing: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, oxygen.
  • Establishing meteorological conditions (temperature, wind direction and speed etc).
  • Measurement of indoor environment characteristics: temperature, relative humidity, lighting.
  • Providing lab services to companies and general population in the area.