Customs services

Customs Services Bureau offers the following services

  • Setting up all chemical and physical lab analyses needed by Tax and Customs Board and site testing as part of the customs lab package service
  • Analysis of commodities in Estonian Nomenclature of Commodities, checking of correctness of commodities nomenclature code assigned to products
  • Verifying compliance of goods with quality specifications
  • Testing of consumer goods (like toys, textiles, cosmetics, candles, household goods, dishes, and cadmium, chromium and nickel content of goods)
  • Other specific tasks, like identity verification of samples being compared, identification of an unknown substance, establishing quantity of a batch of goods (like fuel, alcohol, timber) on site, assessment of compatibility of a product with its raw material
  • Expert assessments on fields of application and possible uses of substances
  • CAP-analyses

Contact information

Artur Gornischeff
tel +372 611 2972
mobile +372 5918 7076