Environmental studies

Estonian Environmental Research Centre (EKUK) is a leading environmental chemistry analysis service provider in Estonia, offering all types of water, soil and air analyses, and training.

Water analysis

The field group of Water and Soil Studies Department provides following studies and testing:

  • waste water, surface water and sewage sludge studies;
  • sampling from sea and other water bodies;
  • sampling drinking water;
  • assessment of treatment plant performance;
  • integrated testing of waste water and rain water. More information »

Soil analysis

Testing of surface and groundwater quality, measurement of pollutants in soil, assessment of accident-related soil pollution. More information »

Air studies

Air Quality Management Department carries out continuous measurements of ambient air quality, samples ambient and indoor air and performs physical and chemical analyses of air. More information »

Ozone Bureau services

Ozone Bureau of the Central Lab inspects leaks of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases. We determine the type of ozone-depleting substances in fire-extinguishing and cooling systems and separate them from halons and coolants. Ozone Bureau also sets up training for cooling specialists, fire fighting specialists and customs officials. More information »

Environmental chemistry

The Environmental Chemistry Department tests the quality of surface water, ground and drinking water and measures pollutants in groundwater, surface water and waste water, as well as in air and soil. The department also tests for accident-related pollution of air, water and soil, identifies oil spills and performs microbiological analyses of water and sewage sludge. More information »