Water studies

Department of Water and Soil Studies

Our field group does the following studies and analyses

  • Waste water, surface water and sewage sludge studies:
    • measurement of instantaneous and daily flow rates in sewer ducts (including measurement outside the duct), ditches and streams;
    • point, time-proportional and volume flow proportional water sampling;
    • determination of non-stable parameters (water temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen) on the spot;
    • sewage sludge sampling.
  • Assessment of treatment plant performance
  • Integrated testing of waste water and rain water

Water samples are analysed at Environmental Chemistry Department lab.

Contact information

Sampling and field studies

Tiit Kakum
Head of field group
tel 611 2935

Sample testing

Katri Vooro
Head of the Environmental Chemistry Department
tel 611 2928