Soil samples

Soil is sampled using a Cobra manual drilling device that allows sampling fragmental soil up to a depth of 6 m. Sample amount thus taken is sufficient for any chemical analyses. The Cobra drilling device is particularly suited for sampling at locations inaccessible for heavy truck-mounted drilling equipment.

Contact for soil samples

Hugo Tang
Head of department
tel 611 2936

Water samples

We take water samples using different types of pumps – Grundfoss generator-driven ample capacity pump MP-1 (diameter 5 cm) and battery-driven MS-402 pump (diameter ca 10 cm).

Water sampling equipment

We have four different models of waste water samplers. One is designed for sampling from a sewage pumping station, the other three can be used anywhere in a sewer duct. The samplers are capable of independent time-proportional sampling. If volume flow proportional sampling is required, the devices must be coupled to a Flo-Tote or Flo-Dar volume flow meter.

In addition to this we have bathometers for sampling at a specified depth and equipment for sampling sediment in water bodies. Non-stable parameters are determined using measurement equipment from WTW, Eijkelkamp and other manufacturers.

Field group also samples drinking and sea water. Pollutants samples are taken from sea water using a special cloth.

Contact for water samples

Tiit Kakum
Head of field group
tel 611 2935

Head of field groupFuel samples

We take samples manually from liquid petroleum product tanks according to EVS-EN ISO 3170 and from retail site pumps according to EVS-EN 14275.

Contacts for fuel samples

Artur Gornischeff
Head of Fuel Laboratory
tel +372 611 2972
mobile +372 5918 7076

Air sampling

More information is available on Air Quality Management Department page.