Draft process

In Estonia, actions taken so far have mainly been about climate change mitigation (the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions) and emergency response but there is yet no separate strategy of adaptation to the impacts of climate change strategy.

At the same time, some adaptation measures are reflected in the sectoral strategies, policy papers and laws. All this, however, is not enough. In order to ensure that all sectors and all levels of administration would introduce effective adaptation measures in due time, a more strategic and nationally coordinated approach to a national strategy of adaptation to the impacts of climate change in the form of an action plan is needed, which would aggregate all the related issues and priorities.

A draft of the Estonian National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan will be laid down in the framework of European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 program’s “Integrated Marine and Inland Water Management” project “Elaboration of Estonia’s Draft National Climate Change Adapation Strategy and Action Plan”, on the basis of which the Ministry of the Environment will make a proposal to the Government of the Republic for the adoption of the Estonian Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

The project activities are briefly as follows:

  1. The analysis of available information and planning of further activities
  2. The description of past climate change trends and the selection of future scenarios
  3. The sectoral evaluation of climate change impacts, the development of sectoral measures of adaptation to climate change, the assessment and prioritization of their indicative cost
  4. The strategic strategic environmental assessment
  5. Elaboration of Estonia’s Draft National Climate Change Adapation Strategy and Action Plan
  6. The informing of the public through the information portal and outreach events

    A Steering Committee has been established for general management of the project, which is composed of representatives from the Ministry of the Environment’s Climate and Radiation Departament, representatives from other involved ministries, other national authorities and representatives of the other parties involved.

    The drafting project is carried out by:

    The Estonian Environmental Research Centre
    Estonian Environmental Research Centre specializes in strategic environmental assessment, counseling and training, environmental research, analysis of raw materials and production, hazardous waste analysis and handling, research and development, execution of surveys and laboratory tests.

    Assisting partners to the project:

    The Estonian Environment Agency
    The Ministry of the Environment manages the Estonian Environment Agency (KAUR), of which the most important functions and tasks are the execution and management of national environmental monitoring, weather forecasts and warnings, supervision of environment and affecting factors, maintenance of concerned databases, and environmental review. Read more about: The Estonian Environment Agency

    The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)
    The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) is an institution working under the authority of the Ministry of Justice of Norway and executes similar tasks as the Estonian Rescue Department, but it is also the main supervisor on the issue of climate change adaptation, as appointed by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway. Read more about: DSB